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Maëlig Georgelin, Breton born in Lorient, creative pastry chef.
Already at the age of 2, he was playing around with pans in the kitchen cupboard. He soon grew up with the idea of becoming a pastry chef and practiced baking cakes in the family kitchen.

Starting with a diploma in patisserie on the day of his 16th birthday, he immediately learnt the rigour and very high demands of the profession from Georges Larnicol, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, in the only shop at the time in Quimper. Eager to perfect his skills in chocolate making, he graduated with a diploma in chocolate after working with Henri Le Roux, a great name in Chocolate in Quiberon.

Diplomas in hand, he decided to travel to discover all the facets of this wonderful profession and enrich his skills, always with great chefs.

Thus, at only 19 years old, he found himself head pastry chef in a renowned restaurant in Erbalunga, Corsica. Then a succession of other famous houses: The Domaine de Châteauvieux in Geneva, the Château de Courcelles, the Château de Locguénolé in Brittany and the Hôtel des 3 Vallées in Courchevel. To add a taste of the exotic to his career, in 2006, Maëlig decided to travel to the famous Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélémy, to work for a luxury catering firm, Maya's To Go. He worked on yachts and in villas for prestigious residents and holidaymakers in this little paradise.

In 2008, he returned to La Chocolaterie in London with Marc Demarquette, and then to La Chocolaterie Gilles Desplanches in Geneva.

Armed with these rich encounters and experience in shops, restaurants and catering firms, he decided to return to Brittany in 2009 and realise his dream of opening his first shop in Étel in the Morbihan department, teaming up with his sister Émeline.

Au Petit Prince - a translation of his first name in Breton - is a boutique in which Maëlig immediately imposes his modern and daring style, combined with a very rigorous selection of the best raw materials, taking him as far as Peru to meet cocoa growers.

Success came quickly. He won several awards including in 2012 at the age of 29 when he was welcomed into the prestigious Relais Desserts International, an association of great pastry chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Jean-Paul Hévin, Sébastien Bouillet and Vincent Guerlais, working in high-end Pâtisserie, Maëlig's secret dream.

In 2011, he created his own Pastry School, the Atelier du Petit Prince, to generously pass on his skills and, above all, share his passion with his customers. He loves exchanging ideas and sharing new flavours, techniques and tips with lovers of fine patisserie.

Naturally open-minded, accessible and a great teacher, Maëlig welcomes his trainees into his world with about thirty dates per year, holding back no secrets. His workshops are full, and students are always asking for more.

This gave him the idea for a book for lovers of gourmet creations. In it are Au Petit Prince recipes with a step-by-step guide using sketches, photos and the chef's tips.

Today, he runs 4 shops in Étel, Baud, Auray and Carnac, a Pastry School and an online shop. He also works as a trainer at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie Yves Thuriès et Alain Ducasse in Yssingeaux. An excellent demonstrator and advisor, he knows how to work with a highly skilled team allowing him to pursue his young career with brilliance.